Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I'm such a slacker!!!

Hi all just in case you didn't see yet...I am back up and running on ravelry. I haven't been knitting much but I did finish a pair of socks tonight.
Woolgirl sock club 2008 Yarntini sock yarn in "Plum Blossom" colorway
Pattern: from Knitting Vintage socks by Nancy Bush "Gentleman's Fancy Sock"

I've also been doing a little spinning. Here is what is on my bobbins.

Crown Mountain Farms in "We are the Champions" colorway

I am trying to make my first 3ply sock yarn. I think I might be spinning a bit to thick but we will see. I am loving it so far.

I also got my April shipment from the Spunky Eclectic Fiber Club. I love this colorway. It has all my favorite colors in it, especially blue :). It is Superwash Corriedale and 10% nylon...I am hoping to make sock yarn out of this too.

I leave you with a picture of the kiddos. It was so cute. The boys gave Cierra a controller for the playstation...to make it seem that she was playing the game with them. They were actually playing the Nintendo game cube :) Aren't they sweet. Just wait til she figures it out. She will throw a fit!

I will try and post more regularly but like I always say...don't hold your breath you might turn blue :) Thanks for the comments and emails. Happy knitting, spinning and crafting.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Pardon my french but What the fuck!? I know that it has been months since I have last blogged...with work, kids, knitting, spinning and all that jazz I keep myself pretty darn busy. A lot has happened around these parts since October. And most of my extra time is spent on the Internet drooling over all your lovely knitting and spinning projects on Ravelry. Well as of Yesterday I have been BANNED. I say what the fuck again. My only guess is that I got suspended by being associated with my sister, who,from what I understand has been banned too for being on some political forums. I on the other hand have NEVER talked politics online. Especially on Ravelry. I really don't like to talk politics much at all. I figure between politics and religion those can be some pretty touchy subjects. I choose to stay away from those sites/forums all together.
I was logging on to my ravelry page yesterday and I got on fine. Then my sister said that should couldn't get on and didn't know if there was something wrong with her Internet, so I tried to log in as her from my computer. I got a message saying that she was suspended until further notice. Needless to say she was pretty mad and could only assume that it was because she belonged to some republican group that had been banned or something like that. Then I got off with the phone with her and tried to log back in to my account and then I was banned. I sent an email to ravelry@legal.com hopefully this debacle is fixed by Monday. I have just been starting to fill better after my surgery that I had on Tuesday and I would really love to update my projects and see what all my rav friends have been up too. I just can't believe that I have been banned. Ugh...I still kind of pissed can you tell?!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wowwy Wow wow wow :)

A whole month has come and gone since my last post. A lot has been happening here. For those of you who check out my knitting on Ravelry you know that I have been keeping my fingers busy. I have finished a few things and of course cast on a few more :) What's new right? Here are a few of my latest finished projects.
Another project finished with my handspun yarn. The roving was a gift from my HHHH swap buddy.
from Fiber to Mittens
I started knitting socks out of this yarn but halfway through the first sock I took a vote on what other knitters thought I should knit. And there was an overwhelming number of votes for me to make mittens. So mittens I knit and I love them. No pattern just my own design knit from the fingers down. Love them!!!
Next I knit some Denmark socks for the Knitting on the Road book. I used the leftovers from my Bird in Hand mittens that I knit for the Ravelympics. I had plenty of STR in Lodestone leftover. I love these they are so soft and squishy.
Denmark Socks
I have been spinning every time my fingers need a break from knitting and I spun my Spunky Eclectic Club roving in "Thermograph" This was such a fun spin so soft. I love spinning BFL.
"Thermograph" spunky eclectic club roving more info about this yarn on my ravelry page.
I also got my September shipment from the Spunky Club in "Acadia" isn't it lovely. I can't decide how I want to spin this yet. I am waiting to see how other club members spin this beauty up.
Spunky Eclectic in " Acadia" September shipment
I also got my dkKnits roving from here fiber club. I love this too. I will be spinning this one soon too as soon as I free up my bobbins :)
dkKnits fiber club "Hot fudge sundae with real cherrys"
"hot fudge sundae with real cherries" mmm...my favorite!
I also got my September and October shipments from dkKnits "Wool dye for Ewe" sock club. I have to get alot of my wips finished...hopefully before I cast on one of these lovely yarns.
September Wool Dye for Ewe shipment "Spinning Addict"
September "Spinning Addict" perfect name don't you think?
October Wool Dye for Ewe "Taking the Kids trick or treating"
October "taking the kids trick or treating"
I have also been playing around with my camera...My new friend Donna takes beautiful pictures and has inspired me to take advantage of my camera. Donna, the kids and I have gone on a couple of nature walks. Here are just a couple of my favorite shots. You can check out more on my flickr page.

purple puff


so real looks fake

Love this shot

If you are still with me in this long post I also wanted to let you all know that I started my new job on the 3rd. I love it even though it uses up A LOT of my knitting, spinning, and sewing time. Oh well I gotta do what I gotta do to pay the bills right? :)
Sorry for such a long post. Thanks for checking in on me. I will try and post again when more things happen around here. Maybe next week after our visit to the pumpkin patch. Yay fall!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Knitting, Spinning & News (lots of pics)

So much has been going on here at the Goodwin household. In Knitting news I have been doing quit a bit. I even finished a project. Can you believe it? From Roving to Shawlette. I love it and can't wait to wear it this chilly season.

"Woobie" From roving to shawlette

Roving: Yummy Yarn Corridale in "Woobie" colorway
Spun on Miss Millie. 226 yrds, 2 ply sport weight yarn.
pattern: Little Arrowhead Shawl by Pam Allen, (ravelry link) it's also in Summer 2006 Interweave knits.
Dre is my model
Here is a picture of D'Andre being my model.
pinned & drying
I also joined the Football Knitting Knit Along and cast on a February Lady Sweater. I love this sweater. It is knitting up really fast. I ripped out my wicked. It just wasn't flattering around my mid section so I am re using the Dream in Color for this sweater.
Deep Sea Lady Sweater
I have a little bit more knit then this picture shows. I will definitely finish this sweater. In fact I am already planning the next one. I am thinking of Dream in Color in "Happy Forest" but first things first. Gotta finish this one.
In other news...The family went to the Puyallup fair on Saturday. I had entered some of my spinning and Cierra's Baby Shedir in the fair. I did pretty well considering there was a lot of competition.
Honorable mention for my Spindle Spun Spunky Eclectic. Navajo Plied.
3rd place for my first wheel spun yarn. 100% Alpaca Navajo plied. And 2nd place on Cierra's baby Shedir.
Baby Shedir 2nd place
I took a picture of the Pavilion where all the lovely crafts were displayed...look at all those beautiful quilts. I wish I was that good!!!
I wish I was this good
We had so much fun! I can't wait til next years fair. I will be entering a lot more...to help with my chances of winning more ribbons :)
In shop news I finally finished my first wholesale order for knitfitknitter. She will be taking my Punky Pouch Sets and making them into knitting kits (I think) for SAFF. If you are going to SAFF you should definitely check out her booth!
All 10 sets are different. I tried to give her a little bit of everything but you can tell what my favorite color is...oops. I am so attracted to everything blue :)
Punky's Perfect Pair wholesale order for knitfitknitter :)
And last but not least in My news I got a new job, out of the house. We need $$$ :) Living in the States is so much more expensive then living in Germany. Well I guess that it doesn't help that there are so many more yarny and fibery temptations around here :) I got a job working as an Admin Assistant in the CDC here on post. I have done this job before, in fact I have had this job on every Post we've lived on...Go with what you know is what I always say. I don't start til October so that give me plenty of knitting, spinning and sewing days. I will still be doing all of those while I work outside the home but probably not as often.
Sorry for such a long post. I hope that everybody has a great weekend!! Happy crafting.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Schools In Session...

The boys started school on Wednesday. D'Andre started 1st grade and Kizaiah started Kindergarten. 2 Down and 1 to go :) Here are pictures I took of them on their first day. They loved it and couldn't wait to go back today. The cool thing is the school is just a few houses down. It's practically in our back yard so we don't have to walk far or get stuck in morning school traffic. The bad thing is Kizaiah is only in school for 2 and 1/2 hours a day...what can they possibly learn in 2 and 1/2 hours? Oh well at least he gets out of the house for a while, right?

He really was excited to be in class but this is the only picture I could get of him without someone walking in front of my camera...sheesh.Kizaiah was ready to go to work and write his name. I guess the good thing about the boys being so close in age is that Ki learns a lot from Dre and wants to keep up with his big brother. He already knows his alphabet, how to write his name, tie his shoes and spell Cat. I think he will do fine during his 2 and 1/2 hour day at school.

Hope that everyone enjoyed their summer I know we did, but I am glad to have a little break from the boys. They can definitly be a handful. Especially when they are together :)

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Ki Ki :)

Kizaiah Davonte Goodwin


A great Little brother and Buddy

A super Big Brother and Helper


Smart, Inventive, A wonderful Son...Thank you for being you! Your Daddy and I couldn't ask for more we are truly blessed to have you as one of our sons. You are AWESOME!

5 years old today :)

Love you and Happy 5th Birthday Ki Ki. I hope that this year is filled with lots of laughs and love. Thank you for being you!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

10 days of spinning bliss :) & Ravelympics

Hi all I am in love with miss Millie. Here are a couple of the handspun yarns that I have finished this week.
Alpaca Navajo Plied
4oz. of 100% Alpaca at $1.5o an oz. Who would pass up a deal like that. And what better way to break in Miss Millie :) Spinning bliss. Navajo plied. I entered this in the Puyallup fair. The fair doesn't start til 5 Sep so I wont know if I won anything until I go after the 5th.
Current spinning project
This turned into this....
Before morning bath
approx 23o yard of beautiful dk weight yarn. I love these colors together. The roving was from Yummy Yarn. Corriedale roving in "Woobie" colorway. And after looking up what woobie ment on google, I wish my blankie was this lovely when I was little :)
I am currently spinning some of the roving my Hush-Hush Handspun Hootenanny Buddy sent me. I am trying to get more then 400 yards of sock weight yarn out of it...wish me luck. I will take pictures of that as soon as it's all spun up.
In Ravelympics news, I was really busy spinning. I should have entered in some of the spinning events. But I did manage to finish my entry for Mitten Medley. Here are my Bird in Hand Mittens. They are not without flaws and they still need to be blocked but I love them anyway.
Bird In Hand mitten Medley
STR medium weight sock yarn in "Aquaboy" and "Lodestone" remember back when I scored that beautiful yarn at the Medrona fiber fest? It feels like so long ago.
Mitten Medley Gold Medal :)
I was on such a role with the second mitten that I forgot the little flower on the palm...oops oh well. I am just glad that they fit perfectly.
Oh yeah and my bird is blind. I couldn't get the eye just right on my birdy so I decided that he didn't need any right now. I kind of like him with out eyes. How 'bout you?
Blind Bird
I also got my August shipment of Spunky Eclectic Roving. BFL is so soft and I loved spinning BFL for my HHHH swap buddy. So I am excited that I will have some of my very own.
Spunky Eclectic August shipment "Thermograph"
The theme for this month was "caliente" and I think that these colors are Hot.
I also got my August shipment for the Woolgirl sock club. Just look at all these goodies. Jen comes up with the best packages!
Woolgirl Sock Club August shipment "Dog Days of Summer"
And in kidlet news the kids are doing great. The boys are excited to start school next week. I am excited too. It will just be me and the little munchin, at least for part of the day, I am looking forward to spending time with my girly.
Rare moment
I can't believe that she lets her brother hold her like a little baby. She doesn't let me or her daddy do that. Silly kid.
Well that's all for now. Sorry for such a long post but I guess that's what happens when I don't post as often as I should.

Nick Knack

We will miss you little Nick Nack. You were a great friend. Sorry Mom and Dad for your loss.