Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

Hi all I just wanted to stop by and say "Happy Halloween" There hasn't been any knitting in my house since my husband got home on Sunday night. But I did get an awsome package in the mail today. I can only show you part of it though. The other half of this package is for someone who has probably been reading my blog lately.

Well like I said earlier my Hubby is home. Thank God. 15 months is a really long time. Now he is home for good.....well at least until the next deployment. Here are some pictures of his homecoming.

Here is a cake that I baked him. He wanted yellow cake with chocolate frosting. I tried to squeeze all the special events that he missed during the past year on one cake. Haha looks funny but tasted great!!! It says Happy B-day x2, Valentine's, Anniversary, Merry x-mas and #1 DAD for father's day. ON the side is says "Welcome Home" with 2 yellow ribbons and Love you. He got a kick out of it.

Next, Here is a sign that I painted on a cheap plastic shower curtain.Here is Cierra waiting for her daddy to come. Her bib says "I'm the present that my daddy gave my mommy when he came home for R&R" haha well at least he came home long enough to give me her! Here are the boys in their shirts. The say "I am here to pick up my daddy"

And here we all are finally reunited. Ah...not the best picture but at least we are all together again. I will probably pick up my knitting again in a couple days. Hope that everybody is doing well. Happy Knitting and don't eat too much candy!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Knitters Coffee Swap 3 Questions...

I'm in. My first swap and I am so excited. Here are the answers to my questions for my buddy Kim.
1. Whole bean or ground? Both
2. Fully-loaded or decaf?Both
3. Regular or flavored? I like them both
4. How do you drink your coffee?Hot
5. Favorite coffee ever?German coffee that I get here called Kronung by Jacobs.
6. Are you fussy about your coffee or will any old bean do? Any bean will do
7. Favorite treats to have with your coffee? pastry's and yarn
8. Anything else about your coffee preferences?No I'm pretty open to try anything
9. Yarn/fiber you love? Sock yarn
10. Yarn/fiber you hate? I don't spin so any kind of fiber, I wouldn't know what to do with it :)
11. What's on your needles? Socks Socks and more Socks :)
12. Favorite colors? Blues, Pinks, Greens
13. Allergies?No
14. Anything you really love, really don't like, or just need to get off your chest? I will be happy to receive anything I am really easy to please

And also I wanted to thank everyone for the well wishes. I am feeling much much better and really getting excited about Travis coming home. He should be here sometime this weekend (hopefully) if things don't change again.
Happy Knitting all. I will post pictures in a couple of days.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Goodie Goodie "Ghost Dots"

Today was a GREAT mail day!! I got my Yarntini sock yarn in the mail today. "Appletini" and "Merlot" I ordered them last week along with a della Q project bag and Twisted Flower sock pattern by Cookie A, from Yarn4socks. The shipment was supper fast!!! I will definitely be ordering from them again! I also got my "Good to be Girl" stitch markers aren't the darling. Little watermelons and a Bird, nest and Egg stitch marker and an extra little goodie "Ghost Dots". To cute. I also order the Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts magazine. There are some really cool projects in this book. Especially the "Koolhaas Hat" (for me) and the "classic teddy bear" that I will be knitting for Cierra. If you haven't picked yours up yet I suggest that you do. Great project ideas in there! That's all I've got. Not much knitting. I am still feeling a bit under the weather today. I finally took my butt to the Dr. today after 5 days of feeling sick to my stomach. The Dr. said that I didn't have a virus but that my stomach problems have been caused by stress. He gave me something to help with the nausea and cramping. I guess raising 3 kids for 15 months by myself is finally taking a toll on my body. I don't know how single moms do this all the time. Thank goodness Travis should be home for good in about a week. So much to do around the house to get ready for Travis to come home so I don't know if I will be getting much knitting time. So if you check back and I haven't updated for awhile I apologize in advance. Until next time...Happy Knitting.

Monday, October 22, 2007

"Great Googlie Mooglie" they're done!!

Ki's socks are done. They were kind of slow going. I could have finished them earlier last week but I got sick :( and had really no desire to knit. I finished them last night and he wore them to school this morning. Yes they are that bright :) He loves them! Now to cast on for D'Andre's. Hopefully they don't take as long. He wants ankle socks which is good for me. I will keep you posted. Have a great Day and Happy Knitting!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

In knitting news

This wont be a very long post I've got a lot to do today. Grocery shopping laundry you know the normal end of the week stuff. But I had said that I was going to update the blog with progress pictures so here goes. First up One down one to go on the "Firestarter" Love this pattern but I am not totally thrilled about the flash of color at the ankle. I guess it really doesn't matter because these are for a friend and she loves them so far.

Next up we have a plain stockinette stitch sock for one of my boys. This is Vesper sock yarn in "Great Googlie Mooglie" I am loving this color combo and my son keeps bugging me to finish these. Guess I'd better get knitting!!

And last but certainly not least Socktober Fest challenge. My very first kool-aid dyed sock yarn and my very own pattern. I think that I will call these socks "Cierra Mist with a Twist" what do you think? It's kind of a play on words. The colors do remind me of Sierra Mist soda and my daughters name is Cierra and the twist well they are twisty :) I am loving the way that these are turning out. It took me a while to figure out what pattern I wanted to do and a lot of frogging but I am loving these. Can you tell I am kind of proud of myself. Maybe if enough people like them I will offer the pattern on my blog we'll see.

That's all I have time for now I will check in again soon. Have a great weekend everybody and Happy Knitting!!!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Tag I'm it.

Cool my first tagging :) Heather is the one that tagged me. Look out you might be next. Here are the rules.

1. Link the one who tagged you
2. Tell 7 truths about yourself, something funny/different
3. Tag 7 people at the end of the blog
4. Leave a message in their blog telling them that they have been tagged

Here are the 7 truths about myself.

1. I met my husband through my cousin when they were stationed in Germany back in 2000. I was living in California. We met on April 1st 2001 and were married on April 25, 2001

2. I hid my marriage from my parents for about a month. (sorry mom and dad) We are still married and have 3 kids. and my Parents love him, now. :)

3. I am not one to think about what is going to come out of my mouth before I say it. I tend offend people. I have the language of a drunk sailor.

4. I am very stubborn if I think that I am right about something I will fight for it...even when I am wrong (which never happens haha)

5. If I see something that I have to knit I cast on right away, this is a problem because I have sooooooo many WIP and not enough needles. oops.

6. I am not the most patient person in the world. I guess I am most like my mom in that way.

7. Like Heather I am a semi slob for the same reason. My house is presentable but my bedroom is a disaster area!!! No joke. This will be changing soon though. My husband might want to sleep on his side of the bed when he comes home from Iraq.

Here are the people I am tagging...hope that you ladies don't mind.

Shawna (my sister)
Esoteric Knitter
Alison from the Blue blog

There you go, looking forward to seeing who post this on their blog and see 7 things about each of them.

I will be posting sometime again this week to show you on done firestarter and my kool aid dyed sock yarn knitting up in my own pattern. see ya later, happy knitting.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Fun Stuff!!!

I got my Knit Picks package in the mail today and had to try my hands a dying yarn with kool aid. What do you think? Here are some pictures of my 1st dye job. At first I wanted the yarn to be a semi solid blue so I used 2pks of Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade. But the dye didn't get distributed evenly. I guess I didn't use enough. So I looked in my cabinets and found 1pk of Wild Watermelon Kiwi, and there was still some white spots so I over dyed it with 1pk of Lemonade. I like the way it looks so far I just can't wait to see how it knits up. It's Knit Picks Bare 100% Superwash Wool in DK Weight. I am planning on designing my own sock in honor of Socktoberfest. Wish me luck I will keep you all posted.
I also got some other lovely things in the box. I ordered some yarn for Cierra's Pinwheel Sweater and some Circular needles. I love knitting in the round using magic loop but the needles that I have I hated. They didn't have a smooth join so I finally broke down and bought these and I LOVE THEM and I will NEVER go back to Wolle Rodel circular needles!!!
Hope that you are all enjoying the Socktober season. Can't wait to see what you are all knitting up this month. Happy Knitting.