Friday, September 28, 2007

Look me up!!!

IT CAME, IT CAME!!! My Ravelry invitation came yesterday. That is what I have been up to in my free time lately. Updating and checking everything out. My name is Punkypurls look for me and add me as a friend! Happy knitting to all and see you on Ravelry :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Just wanted to stop by and show you some of the yarn that I added to my stash.

These are Vesper sock yarn in "Serendipitous" and "Great Googlie Mooglie" I will be knitting me and the boys matching socks out of the "Great Googlie Mooglie". I had to get this yarn for 2 reasons. One, the boys loved it when they saw it and Two, I loved the name. I use this phrase ALOT with the boys, so I thought it was very appropriate. :)

And my Yarn Pirate Booty club September's colorway in "Butternut" arrived today to. Now I just need to figure out what pattern to knit with it. Any ideas?

In the knitting front not much happening. I have been jumping from project to project but there has been no real progress. Maybe next week I will have pictures of a finished "Firestarter" sock. We'll see...but for now happy knitting to all.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I'm the "Firestarter"

Hey all it's been a while. Well I have another project on the needles. I couldn't resist. I loved this pattern when I first saw it on flickr. It's Yarnissima's "Firestarter" pattern. A FREE pattern that she will email to you by request. I love how it is turning out. I am gifting these to a friend who helps me out with the kids. She was a HUGE help when I was in the hospital having Cierra. She kept my boys for a week. I will also be knitting these for my friend that was with me during labor. She loves the pattern as well and she was a great stand in coach. She stood in for my husband who is deployed. He missed the birth by 2 days. Here are the stats.

Yarn: Yarn Pirate Booty Club "Calamity"

Needles: 2.5 mm circular

Sockblockers: Made by me out of a plastic placemat.(placemat was 50 cents...can't beat that!!) tutorial here.

As for my Tomato sweater it's coming along. I am knitting the body of the sweater now. I haven't really picked it up since I started the "Firestarters" though.

Now to leave you with a sweet picture. Me and my daughters in our matching Yarn Pirate Penllyn socks...I love this shot!

Mommy & Me Matching socks=LOVE!!

Hope that everyone has a nice day...happy knitting!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Petit Pirate Penllyn's and Other WIPs

Here is just an update to show you all what I have been working on this last week...
First Up Petit Pirate Penllyn's. I knit these using the leftovers from my Yarn Pirate Booty Club Sock yarn in "Rum Runner" I modified the Penllyn pattern to fit my Daughters tiny feet. I cast on 40 sts and worked the pattern accordingly. (I would tell you how but I don't want to break the law.)

Next up we have Tomato. This is a pattern from the "No sheep for you" book by Amy Singer, it's also a free pattern for the lucky readers of Knitting Daily. Join now if you haven't already...I'll wait :) I modified the pattern a bit...well just the colorwork really. I decided that I didn't want the herring bone pattern so I changed it to hearts.

Here is also another free pattern that I started knitting. Its Hello yarns "Top Down Baby Bonnet" I am Knitting it in LoveSticks Sock yarn (go to her etsy shop now...she is fabulous she has beautiful colorways and her customer service is OUTSTANDING!!) in her "Vegas Baby" Colorway. I am loving how this his turning out. It looks like a Giant Toe up sock but it's really not I promise.

That's about all on the Knitting Front as for Family life here are a couple of recent pictures of the boys. D'Andre is now officially a Big Boy. He started Kindergarten this week...And here is a picture of Kizaiah after his first Soccer game eating Ice cream...boy what a mess!!!That's all sorry no pictures of Cierra My camera battery wont work I guess it's off to the Shopping on the German economy to find another one...WISH ME LUCK!!! (These pictures on this post are courtesy of my neighbors camera...Thank you Sandrine :)

Monday, September 03, 2007

Stash Diving and Colorwork

Hi everybody just wanted to show you all a new WIP and the progress so far on my Chevron Scarf. There is also a picture of one of the new lovelys I just added to my collection.

Here is my inspiration for these, I cast on 64sts and Ktbl, Purl cuff for 1". Hopefully they turn out to be some cool socks. Even though I live in Germany I don't read or speak German...good thing the pattern has a chart :) I am loving the way that they are turning out so far. I am using Regia Sock yarn in a Mauve and Teal color and size 3mm Dpns.

Here is a couple days worth of work on the Chevron's coming along but there is a long way to go.

and last but not least Zen String Bambewe fingering weight yarn in "Summer Rolls" this picture is a little dark I will take another one when there is more light outside. This yarn is so squishy and soft I can't wait to cast on for the perfect project...Now to go hunting for it. That's all I have to share with you all...Enjoy Your Labor day and Happy Knitting!