Monday, December 31, 2007

part 2

Hi all I'm back into the swing of things. Thank you all for your well wishes! I feel much better. I am making sure that I take all my antibiotics(if I forget then I get a little scolding from my husband) As for the rest of the story, Well Moving day went alright. The only problem was the language barrier. The movers were of course German. We pointed out what to pack and what not to pack and long story short the guy who was packing the kitchen didn't quit understand. He ended up packing ALL the food in the cupboard. All Cierra's baby food, and the dog food. Remember we are still here for a month. And because I wasn't up to par on moving day I couldn't be there to supervise. I was in one of the rooms with Cierra curled in a ball because I was so cold. All is well though. We went to the commissary the next day I was just irritated that I had to buy formula again. That stuff is not cheap!!

We are sitting on the floor right now. Leave it to my husband to forget to schedule the government furniture. Oh well we will have some on Thursday. Thank goodness we have friends who own blowup mattress's and mats so that we don't have to lay on the hardwood floor for a week.

Here are the pictures that I promised.

"Wollmeise""Deepest Purple"


and last but not least Yarn Pirate Booty Club December shipment "Icicle"

I am in love with my new stash enhancements! To bad I can't wind them up anytime soon, the movers took my ball winder too. Damn it!

edit: I tried to post this entry days ago but blogger wouldn't let me download my pictures. Since this post we have received government furniture and I hope that it's more comfortable then it looks :) Happy New Year everybody may your new year be filled with love and all things Knitty! I probably wont be posting again until we get to Washington and set up house. I will be reading all your blogs though! Take care and talk to you all again in about a month.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas, Wollmeise, ER Visit & moving part 1 (WARNING ITS LONG AND NO PICTURES!...yet)

Christmas in our house starts Christmas Eve. We lay around and watch Christmas movies and open up gifts from the relatives after dinner. Just a totally chill day. This is normally how it goes and it went this way except the fact that I had a fever from 101.2 to 103.3 during most of the day. I had started not feeling good on Thursday. My throat was starting to feel scratchy but I didn't think anything of it until Sunday when it was getting really hard to swallow and I started to get a fever that night, nothing major just a low grade fever. I thought oh well I will have a little cold during Christmas nothing major.....Right? Well Like I said Christmas Eve was chill but then Christmas Morning came. Oh my gosh I felt horrible. I pushed through breakfast and Christmas Morning present opening like a champ, if I do say so myself. At 9:30 ish we got a knock on the door. I was some beautiful Wollmeise yarn that I had order just days before. (More about these later)Around 10am that same morning our friends came over and we exchanged gifts with them. I say friends but they are more like family to us. They could tell that I wasn't feeling up to par (I wonder what gave it away, the fact that I was sprawled out on the living room couch with my sons Spongebob square pants blanket with a cold rag on my head, or the other fact that I really couldn't look at them when they came in the door.) We did our gift giving talked for a little bit and then parted ways so that we could get ready for Christmas Lunch/Dinner at 1pm. NO I DID NOT COOK, thank goodness I live on a Military Base. We went to the Dinning Facility aka Chow-Hall and ate lobster, crab legs, shrimp, turkey, mac n cheese, greens, salads and desert. They had way more there then I could remember. I forced myself to eat something, like I said I couldn't swallow. Everybody enjoyed their meals. I was glad that I didn't have to cook and clean up. All though it was a struggle getting ready and getting me out the house on time I didn't feel as bad as I had earlier that morning. My fever went down the only thing was I had a really bad headache.

When we got home I took something for my headache and went to the couch to lay down a bit. 7pm-ish that night it started to really kick in again, the fever that is. And around 10pm my husband decided that 3 days of a fever higher then 103.0 can't be a good thing so he took me to the German Hospital. All well in good, I thought okay they will check me out give me something and send me home. Boy was I WRONG. I forgot what Country I was in. Germany is infamous for keeping Americans in their hospitals because they know that they will be paid,if you have lived in Germany as a military member you know what I mean. The nurse in the ER was nice enough that wasn't the problem, the ER was packed with sick elderly people, drunk people and who knows what other kind of problem people. The nurse took me to a room that I shared with a Homeless drunk guy. My husband stayed to only until they took my blood and did an EKG because German hospitals are strict about "visitors" After he left I laid in the bed in all my clothes and shoes and waited to fall asleep. This of course didn't happen. I wont get into all the nasty details lets just say that they halls were filled with SICK patients, one patient cussing and yelling at the nurses the whole night and my roommate was SICK too and attached to an IV so every time he had to go use the restroom to well you know he had to walk right past my head and bed. I thought that I was one tough cookie until that night. I wanted to get up out of that bed and walk my sick ass home. At around 1am the nurses came into the room and said that they were going to take me to a different floor, "thank you, there is a God" is what I though "finally some rest." They wheeled my bed into a room that I was going to be staying in. There was an elderly lady there asleep in her bed already. All I cared about is that I wasn't in that DAMN ER anymore!!!

After I got to the other room thhe night went pretty smoothly I did get some sleep. They gave me something for my fever to go down, the only down part was my roommate would wake me up with a loud grown in her sleep every once in a while but nothing like the hell that was going on around me earlier that night. The next morning I felt much better, my fever was gone and I was eating a little better. It still was hard to swallow but I could deal with it. I wanted the Dr. to check me and give me some meds so that I could get the HELL out of there. I had to go home regardless of what had happened the night before, the movers were coming to get our furniture and stuff to send back to the States. The Dr. came in after breakfast and took more blood and told me that I need to stay in the hospital at least one more day. I couldn't believe it. She claimed that they didn't know why my fever was so high and that they wanted to start me on Antibiotic injections. I argued with here and said that I couldn't stay that I was going to have to check myself out so that I could pack clothes and other necessities like yarn (I didn't tell her the yarn part...I don't think she would've understood the need for that) before the movers came the next morning. Well she was trying to convince me to stay I just laid there looking at her like "this can't possibly be happening","what a day for this crap to happen" She told me to think about it and that she would be back in a few minutes. In those few minutes the nurse came in because my roommate who was bedridden rang the nurse bell to go to the restroom. Well like I said she was bedridden. The nurse got the big Silver bed pans, more like big salad bowls, and placed them under her bottom and left the room. She did her business and let me tell you I started crying. Everything hit me all at once, I flashed back to the night before in the ER and now this lady is doing her business in the bed and it's not going quickly either and its cold outside you don't want to open the window and well you get the picture. Then in the midst of my tears my husband and baby girl come in. I really start to loose and I tell him " I'm going home, I don't give a shit what that doctor says, I am not staying here!!!" He asked "What's wrong." I said "she's taking a shit in her bed and they say I can't leave this place." He went and talk to the DR. and told her that I was going to check out. About an hour later they had discharge papers in hand and a Dr.s note saying that I had "Tonsillitis" (remember earlier they didn't know what was wrong with me)so that I could get a prescription from the American clinic.

"DUH" I could have told them that. I used to get that all the time when I was little. Like I said before they just wanted to keep me there to make money. They wanted to do Ultrasounds, draw gallons of blood and do EKGs for days. Long story short, haha, I got the hell out of there at around 1:30pm. I took it easy most of the day after I found all our passports and important documents before the movers came in the morning. More of this long drawn-out story and pictures of pretty yarn to come...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Finally a Monkey off my back!

I know I know I did it again. I am such a looser!!! Well not much going on here really. I finally finished my moms Christmas gift. She wanted a scarf and gloves so I had to oblige:) Here is the Montego Bay scarf and Picot Edge gloves. I hope that she like them. I didn't add the fringe to the scarf I didn't think that it would be practical for golfing. That's when she plans on wearing it. I knit the Scarf to 5 feet and when it was blocked it was well over 7 feet. I love the way that it looked after it was blocked. The gloves were based on the Picot edge glove pattern. It's free check it out here.

I am so glad that I got these done. I was supposed to finish them last week before Tuesday to get it to my mom by Christmas...Well that didn't happen. I sent them out this Wednesday, maybe she will get them by New Years :) The patterns were very easy. They came out with great results but the only problem was on my behalf. If you haven't noticed already I hate project monogamy!!! Hate hate hate it. I know that a lot more gets done that way but I get bored. Like my friend Sandrine says, You just knit to knit. Not really to have a FO in a couple days time. Oh well none the less I hope that she loves them and now I can get back to knitting whatever I want whenever I want :)Project Specs: Rockin Sock Club colorway in Lenore.

Speaking of knitting whatever I want whenever I want, I got my Christmas present from my sister about a week ago. (This was another reason why I kept getting distracted with my moms gift) Shawna said that I could open it as soon as it came. She sent me some ShiBui Knits yarn in "Mulberry" colorway. I have started knitting with it as soon as I finished the before mentioned FO and I am designing my own pattern with it. I will show pictures of that soon. Of course it is a sock. Maybe my sister will be a test knitter for me and I can give the pattern to you all for Christmas/New Years :) We'll see.

As for the family we are all doing well. Trying to get used to everybody. It's kind of weird to have Travis back. Don't get me wrong I'd rather him be here safe at home then downrange in harms way. There is just an adjustment time. Last weekend we went on a little family get away to Edelweiss Lodge and Resort. I don't have many pictures but I did get a couple of the view from our room. It's a nice military Hotel nestled in the Bavarian Alps. We have been there quit a few times in the past 4 years and love it every time that we go. This might be the last time that I post for a little while. After Christmas sometime. They come and pick up our household goods next week. 2 days after Christmas we will be furniture-less. Then it's on the the Good ol' United States at the end of January. We will be PCSing to Washington. Can't wait to be back in the States and find a real LYS. Now my LYS is the internet. Maybe I can join a Knit night or something. Happy Holidays to Everyone. Merry Christmas and Happy Knitting. Sorry once again for the delay in posting!!!