Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Bags and some Knitting

Hi all...I have been doing some sewing and a little knitting. Here are some pictures of my FO and WIP's.

Mini Pleated Beauty Bag. I modified the dimensions on Amy Karol's Pleated Beauty Handbag from the Bend the Rules Sewing book. The one in the book was so cute but I think that it was way to big. This bag is so cute I almost don't want to sell it at the shop. :) I guess I can always make another one. The Sweater in the picture is of my Wicked Sweater using Dream in Color Classy in "Deep Sea Flower" Hopefully I finish it before the DIC KAL is over. Wish me luck.Here is the "Charming Handbag" from the same book. I kind of winged the pattern on this one. It's not the same dimensions but it's basically the same structure as the original. This will be in the shop soon too.

I also started knitting again...when I get tired of sitting at the sewing machine. I cast on for 2 pairs of footies using the scrap yarn that my sister sent me. The first one is knit using size a 3 circular needle and Yarn Pirate Sock yarn in "Rosie" and the second one is knit using a 1.5 circular needle and Yarn Pirate Sock yarn in the "Isobel" colorway. I love how the second one is stripping up...I can't wait to finish these. And I added some more lovely yarn to my stash. dkKnits Technicolor Dream Toes in "Ding Dong Cart Dayz" I love these colors :)

That's all for now I will update again soon. I have a couple more bags that I am going to be working on and some more yarn and roving coming in the mail. Thank you etsy buyers for helping support my habit :)

Thanks for reading & Happy Crafting!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Shop Update :)

I wanted to stop by real quick and let you all know that I put some more Punky Pouches in the shop along with some sets. Remeber if you don't see what you want or you want me to make you a set just convo me.
I really don't have any knitting news but I have been spinning a bit. Here is the same roving that I spun before but I am getting much better. I can't wait til I finish it and ply it together. Knitty Gritty Thoughts Roving in "Play Date"
I also added a new yarn to my stash. It's from Fresh from the Cauldron etsy shop. 70% Merino & 30% silk. In "Raspberry Cobbler" colorway. It's so lovely I can't to finish up some WIPs so I can use this lovely yarn. You should definitly check out Jennifer's etsy shop if you haven't already. She has some really great ideas for colorways. Lots of cute themes like "Saturday Morning Cartoons" or "Raid the Frige". She is so creative and she has wonderful customer service.
I did start a couple footies with the scraps that my sister sent. I haven't taken pictures of those yet but I will later today and post them next time. Well back to the sewing machine, hope that you all have a wonderful and relaxing Memorial Day weekend.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Socks, Skein, Scraps and Sisterly Love!!!

I have been busy mailing bags to my lovely customers and I was surprised to get a box in the mail too. I had forgot that my sister said that she was going to send me a box. It is so nice to have a sister who love the same things that I do! I sent her Wollmeise Sock yarn in "Sultan" for her birthday and she knit me socks with it. They fit perfectly. Am I a lucky girl or what? (There is a better picture of the socks that she took and posted on her ravelry page, the sun washed out the color in my picture, check them out I'll wait)I also got a full skein of Rio de la Plata sock yarn and a bunch of scraps. I can totally make a couple pair of footies, good thing I have small feet. If I don't have enough for my feet I always have smaller feet to knit for in this house...Cierra will be one lucky girl too :)
Clockwise: Rio de la Plata, Brooklyn Handspun in Tonya, Yarn Pirate in Rosie, dkKnits - blue square skiing, Lorna's Laces that she over dyed with teal acid dye, Yarn Pirate in Isobel & a little bit of Yarntini in Good to be Girl colorway.
Thanks Shane. Knitting sisters rock!!!
In shop news: I am steady making more Punky Pouches and Circular Needle Clutches as sets. I will be updating the shop soon.
Thanks again for all your nice comments, convos, and good luck wishes.

Friday, May 16, 2008


I just wanted to give a HUGE THANK YOU to those who went to my Etsy shop today. I really appreciate that you took the time out of your day to check it out. I will be posting more bags soon along with some pincushions and coasters. Thanks again for making my first day on Etsy a success. For those of you who would like a Punky Pouch or a Circular Needle Clutch there are a couple left in the shop.
Thanks again!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Grand Opening

Hi everybody I just wanted to invite you all to visit my etsy shop. There will be a few Punky Pouches for sale and a couple Punky Pouch and Circular Needle Clutch sets on Friday at around 2pm. Hope you stop by and check it out even if you don't buy anything. I would really appreciate all your input! Convo me and let me know what you think. Here are a couple of pictures of what will be available tomorrow.
Thanks for checking them out. I will update the shop as often as the kiddos let me. Hope to see you stop by the shop.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Well alot has been happening....

First I learned a new craft, scratch that obsession ;) On Saturday I got away from the kids for a little while. My husband is back home so I got a little break. I went to Lambs Ear Farm my new local yarn store. I took a spinning class. I had so much fun learning something new and I have already place my first orders on Etsy for more beautiful roving. I can't wait til it's here. But first look at what I made. These pictures are in order of when I spun them. Each time I have gotten much better. Like they say practice makes perfect right.

I had fun in the class. There was only one other person in the class. She was sweet and I learned alot in that hour.

I also finished some socks that took 10months to knit. I don't know why I didn't finish these earlier, once I cast on for the second sock it was done in 2 days. I also knit the second sock on different size needles not thinking that 1.5 needles would make that much of a difference but it did. Oh well who sees my toes anyway?

The first sock ended up feeling tighter then the second so I washed and put it on a sock blocker to stretch it a bit and that seemed to do the trick. I love them even though they don't match.

Specs: Vesper sock Yarn in "Astro" colorway

size 1 and 1.5 needles haha

Time to knit 10 whole months...goodness

We also got a new car for my husband, out of necessity. His other car was run into the ground. I guess all those years driving around Germany took it's tole on the little Neon. Well He got a Pontiac G6 it's a nice car. Alot of cool features. He likes it, that's all that really matters.

I also got my first shipment from dkKnits Wool Dye for Ewe sock club. Becky is such a sweet heart. She really takes time to find out what you like to dye the perfect yarn for you. Her customer service is excellent. If you haven't bought from her yet you definitely should.

She is so thoughtful in more ways then one. She knows that my husband is a hard working soldier and she wanted to say thank you to him so she sent me some more lovely yarn just for Travis. It's technicolor dream toes sock yarn in "Army" colorway. Very appropriate. I showed it to him and he wanted me to say thanks on his behalf to Becky. I will be knitting him his first pair of hand knit socks. And even though I had a little contest in the last post it was at the end of the post so no one entered to win free yarn oh well maybe next time. My big secret is that I am going to be opening a Etsy shop. My plan is to make "Punky Pouches" a perfect sized bag for small knitting projects like socks. They can also be used to hold makeup and what not. Here is an example of what I will be offering in the shop. I'm just waiting on my washer and dryer to arrive so that I can wash the fabric I bought the other day and get sewing. I will keep you updated and let you know when the shop is up and running. There will also be other sizes of bags, different designs and other odds and ends. Let me know if you guys have any suggestions on what you would want to see in the shop. All your help is appreciated.

That's all for now, Thank you all for reading & Happy Crafting.