Friday, March 28, 2008

New Finished object (not knitting)

Hi everybody. Well it's been crazy around here, especially the weather, and I haven't really been in the mood to knit. For some reason I had an itch to sew something. So I went to Joann's Fabric, which is just across the street (danger) and picked out some cute material to make a couple of project bags. One for me and one for my sister. I started last night after dinner and was done before bedtime. Talk about instant gratification :) one sock in progress. Two socks in progress. Perfect fit.
I started the other one today but haven't finished because we had to go and pick up the other car at the Port of Tacoma today. I also bought a really cute pattern for a sundress for my niece Sadie and my baby Cierra. We are going to California this summer and I want them to both have something handmade with love and I figured that a knit dress might be to hot in July. I am a self taught sewer and the only things I have sewn are quilts, aprons, oven mitts and now these "Punky Pouches" I have never sewn a dress or any other garment for that matter, so if anyone has any tips I would really appreciate it. Here is a picture of Cierra eating her Easter hippo. She is so silly.That's all for now. Thanks for reading and happy crafting

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

Well I just wanted to stop by and say Happy Easter to everybody and if you don't Celebrate Easter then Happy Spring! Last week, while the weather was nice, Travis and I took the kids to the park for a little photo shoot. I needed pictures to send to the family in their Easter cards. Here a just a couple of my favorites.

The kids got their stuffed toys for Easter. They all loved them. I will take pictures of them with the kids when I get a chance. Here is Kizaiahs Blue Bunny Suffie.
I had been telling the kids that we were going to take them to the zoo for Easter. Well Travis had to work that morning and when he came home that afternoon it was sprinkling. I figured we live in Washington, it rains a lot here and I'm sure that there will be crazy people out and about in the rain right? Well when we got there it started to rain buckets :) There were about 20 people total there but we still had fun. We will definitely be taking them back when the weather is nice.

Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium

My 3 boys waking in the rain back to the car.
My silly husband saying hello to the Walrus :) I love this picture.

The boys "Ninja Turtle"
Cool aquarium. It's hard to take pictures in an aquarium when there is "no flash photography" allowed. This one came out good. Well even though it was raining we enjoyed ourselves in the Aquarium. Next post will have more knitting content. Thanks for reading and happy knitting.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Two down One to go :)


Well Tums is done. This is Cierra's Easter Hippo. Super fast knit, Super Fun to knit, Super Pattern and SUPER CUTE Don't you think?I added little details to his butt, a little heart and on the bottom CPG for Cierra's initials. Love it to cute. I got this done in One day I love fast knits!Gizmo and Rockie love Him too.When I finished Tums I cast on for Pepto. This one took me a little longer about 4 days but I think it's cause I got a little distracted with new yarn. I made my first trade with Yarnbeans. I traded Vesper sock yarn(I have a skein of LoveSticks in a similar color) for some Posh yarn Lucia in "Pantomime" love this yarn can't wait to find the right pattern for this colorway.Here is Pepto. Another fun, fast and cute knit. I knit this for D'Andre. He wanted a Pink Elephant so how could I resist this cute guy. D'Andre can't wait til Easter He wants him now. I embroidered a star on his butt and DCG on the bottom for Dre's initials. Here they are together.
Two kids down one to go, now to cast on for Kizaiahs Blue Bunny. Too bad mochimochiland doesn't have a bunny pattern. I love her toy designs
Thanks for reading and Happy knitting.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Easter Hippo

Hi Everybody. I'm still knitting my Oblique Sweater but I have given myself permission to take a detour for some cute little toy knitting. I decided that I don't knit enough stuff for my kids and since the things that I have knit for them they have grown out of so fast, I decided to knit each of them some toys for their Easter baskets. First up Cierra. Since she can't choose what one that she wants I chose "Tums the Hippo" by I started yesterday afternoon and I am almost done. I just have 2 little legs left to finish and the teeth. Along with the stuffing and sewing closed, I should be done soon.
D'Andre wanted "Pepto the Elephant" by He even wants it in Pink. Haha funny kid. And then there is Kizaiah he wants Stuffies by Ysolda Teague. He wants the rabbit and he wants it in blue. I will post pictures of those once I start them in the next couple of days. Lets hope that I finish these before Easter. Wish me luck, gotta go and finish "Tums"

Happy Knitting!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Actual Finished Object

Hi everybody....I actually have knitting content for you and an actual finished object see.This is my contribution to Project Spectrum "Fire" element. Waving Lace socks from Interweaves Favorite Socks. ShibuiKnits sock yarn in "Pagoda" I love love love these socks. Yarn and pattern combo is now one of my favorites. Next to my Pirate Penllyn socks.
I now have 2 more projects on the needles. I cast on for Oblique on the 25th of February. I cast off the back today. So far I love how it is knitting up but I think that it might be longer then I want. Guess that's what I get for being short. :) Pattern is a fun knit I might actually finish my first sweater...well let's not get ahead of myself right?!

I am using Cascade220 in Doeskin Heather and a size 6 circular needle. I don't have a size 7 and when I swatched (yeah I know what you're thinking...she swatched?) I didn't like the way that the size 8 made the fabric look.
The rest of our stuff FINALLY came this week. Oh how I missed my bed, couch and stash :) Speaking of stash I looked at what I had in my knitting basket when we unpacked and realized that I should use some of the yarn that I had for a while. So I cast on some plain ol' socks.

Duet sock yarn in "Exclamation" It's DK weight and is knitting up really fast. Love them so far. I don't have any set timeline to finish these. It's just mindless knitting when I get tired or bored of lace.
I also added some lovely yarn to my stash. These came the day before we got our stuff back.

I got these from the Loopy Ewe. I joined the Dream in Color KAL. Here is Dream in Color Classy in "Deep Seaflower"
Also Dream in Color Smooshy in "Happy Forest" I love this yarn color and have been wanting it for a while now. I also ordered my first Sundara Sock yarn in "Grap over GreyViolet" and "Graphite" I wanted the Graphite for Project Spectrum "Earth" element. I will knit this or my Dream in Color "Happy Forest" Stay tuned for that.
Thank you all for checking in. Hope that you are all doing well. Check back in a couple days to see if I finish another section of my Oblique. Thanks for reading and Happy Knitting!