Saturday, September 30, 2006

Sadie-Wadie's Blankie...#2

Quilting time. I love love love this Minky fabric on the back. I am almost done hope that she likes it, or better yet hope her Mommy loves it.
I am sure that she will. Other then that I have been neglecting my Kiri shawl. I have been totally frustrated with myself...hippity hoppity foggy frog. I feel like I have been doing this throughout the entire project. Oh well, its in the naughty pile for a while at least until I get the nerve to knit it again.
I have a million and one project to get finished before I go home for the Holidays. I started my sister other ankle last night sock so she can have a pair and not 1/2 of a pair haha...Sorry Shane. Here is my progress on that. I also ordered some material to make aprons and hot pads for all the ladies in my family. Hope it gets here soon I don't have much time. D Day is 14 November. Well instead of blogging I guess I better go and get some work done....Wish me luck!!! Have a great day and Happy crafting!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Pinwheel Progress...

Been knitting away on my pinwheel. Overall a pretty easy knit. Fun too. I have also been sewing or planning on sewing some material for another quilt. We will see how this one turns out.
Have a great day...and happy crafting!

We have and Artist in the Family...isn't he cute!!!

The other day I gave Dre and Ki some paints and white paper to try and keep them entertained longer then 5 min. Well the trick worked on Ki but not so much on Dre. Dre decided he only wanted to paint for 2 min but Ki painted 3 beautiful pieces of art work (at least I think its art) In this picture he is painting a picture of all of us...isn't it fabulous :) He is a genius at 3 years old.

Have a good day all and happy crafting!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Got Squares?

My first attempt at quilting. What do you think? Well it was originally supposed to be a lap quilt for my couch but I didn't have enough squares. Live and learn. I will order more from eBay next time. I like it and I hope that my niece will too. Have a good night and happy crafting!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Finally updating blog...Sorry it took so long.

Well I have been keeping busy the last couple of weeks. I have been trying to keep the boys entertained while daddy is gone. Otherwise they would drive me nuts! I finally got my shipment of yarn from I guess that I didn't give them a complete address so it got shipped back to them oops...I got it on Friday, it is the Peruvian Collection Highland Wool for my nieces Pinwheel Sweater. Thanks to Annypurls for making my yarn choice super easy. I used the exact yarn that she used for hers. Here they are.
I have been cranking along on my pinwheel all weekend and here is my progress hope that you like it. Gonna go now Happy Knitting.

Friday, September 01, 2006

New Toy

I finally did it, I broke down and bought my very first sewing machine. The last time I sewed was in junior high. I made myself a needle roll and tote by just winging it. Here are some pictures hope you all like them. I am so proud of myself.