Saturday, September 30, 2006

Sadie-Wadie's Blankie...#2

Quilting time. I love love love this Minky fabric on the back. I am almost done hope that she likes it, or better yet hope her Mommy loves it.
I am sure that she will. Other then that I have been neglecting my Kiri shawl. I have been totally frustrated with myself...hippity hoppity foggy frog. I feel like I have been doing this throughout the entire project. Oh well, its in the naughty pile for a while at least until I get the nerve to knit it again.
I have a million and one project to get finished before I go home for the Holidays. I started my sister other ankle last night sock so she can have a pair and not 1/2 of a pair haha...Sorry Shane. Here is my progress on that. I also ordered some material to make aprons and hot pads for all the ladies in my family. Hope it gets here soon I don't have much time. D Day is 14 November. Well instead of blogging I guess I better go and get some work done....Wish me luck!!! Have a great day and Happy crafting!

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