Sunday, May 06, 2007


Hi all just dropping by to show one of the latest works in progress. I received my Rockin' Sock Club yarn in "Walking on the Wild Tide" but I decided that I didn't want to knit a pair of socks with this lovely yarn. I decided to cast on a Diamond Fantasy Shawl. So far so good. Started today and I am done with Chart A & B. The pattern is wonderfully written and is one of my favorite shawl patterns, but I'm not sure if the yarn and the pattern belong together what do you think? Here are a couple of pictures.
Well just wanted to show you this and see what people think....Have a great night and happy Knitting.

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CurlyBrunette said...

Its beautiful! I didnt use the Grasshopper pattern with my yarn either. It wasnt bringing the colors out in the yarn the way I wanted so I am using the Tidalwave pattern from SWTC. Where did you get the shawl pattern its really stunning and you mentioned that the instructions were easy. I like easy and beautiful used in the same sentence! LOL