Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Couple of WIP

Hi all just wanted to show you a couple of works in progress. Just trying to get ready for the impending arrival of our daughter. I will be induced on the 10th of August. I can't wait. Hopefully my husband will be able to be here for the birth. He is currently in Iraq and I asked my doctor if I could be induced so that we could try and get him home. Wish us luck!!! The first project on the needles is a Shedir cap. But with modifications to fit a new born. I should be done with this sometime tonight or tomorrow. I will update the blog with more pictures when it is done.
The next project is a quilt, it's almost done. I just have to finish sewing on the binding by hand. Here are pictures anyway. I used Fresh Cut fabric and Minky dot fabric on the back and for the binding.

Thanks for checking out the blog...and happy crafting.


knittingirl said...

Beautiful quilt! Just wondering how you learned to quilt cause I'm wanting to add that to my craft reportoire but am not sure how... thanks!
email me at


Heather said...

i just taught myself by looking on quilt websites and winging it...good luck. It's quicker then knitting one.

sigrid said...

What a beautiful baby shedir!
How many stitches did you cast on for and what size needles did you use? I want to make one too, but i'm afraid the hat will be to big for a baby.
Thanks, Sigrid

Heather said...

Sigrid-I cast on the exact amount of stitches that the pattern called for. The only difference is I used fingering weight yarn and size one needles. I wish that I would have used a larger size needle. The hat barely fit her when she came home from the hospital and she was 3 weeks early. It is super tiny but is pretty stretchy. I will be making her a new one soon. Thanks for the comment.

Cheryl said...

I'm making a quilt using the minky dot as the backing. I am just getting ready to start quilting it. Was it hard to did it stretch or move alot? I too was going to use it also as the binding but wasn't sure how it would work out. My email is I'd love to hear from u b/c I've got alot invested in this project & if you've got pointers for me I'm ready to hear them. Thanks so much! p.s. Your quilt is is your daughter! ^-^