Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Just wanted to stop by and show you some of the yarn that I added to my stash.

These are Vesper sock yarn in "Serendipitous" and "Great Googlie Mooglie" I will be knitting me and the boys matching socks out of the "Great Googlie Mooglie". I had to get this yarn for 2 reasons. One, the boys loved it when they saw it and Two, I loved the name. I use this phrase ALOT with the boys, so I thought it was very appropriate. :)

And my Yarn Pirate Booty club September's colorway in "Butternut" arrived today to. Now I just need to figure out what pattern to knit with it. Any ideas?

In the knitting front not much happening. I have been jumping from project to project but there has been no real progress. Maybe next week I will have pictures of a finished "Firestarter" sock. We'll see...but for now happy knitting to all.

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tiennie said...

Very nice!