Thursday, May 31, 2007


A quick, easy and satisfying project...Mary Jane Booties. Pattern found here. I used some sock yarn from Regia in my stash and US size4 needles. Only took a total of 3 1/2 hours with knitting and interruptions from the boys but they turned out so darling and I can't wait to put them on the little ones tiny feet. Now I just have to find the perfect little buttons. Enjoy the cuteness and happy knitting.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Finished Pink things and a Quilt...

Well I have been crafting away getting ready for Our Little Girl to arrive in August. Here are some pictures of the sweet little pink things. I knit a hat and some matching socks using some leftover yarn from this project. I cast on 20sts using a US4 a regular 2x2 rib and short row heel with a regular decrease toe. I cast on 52 sts and worked with US4 dpns for the hat. I knit a 2x2 rib for 1 1/4 inches then switched to st st for 2 1/2 inches before I started the decrease. Hat measures approx 5 3/4 inches from top to edge. I hope that it fits. I embroidered a little daisy on the front of the hat using the template from this pattern.
I also knit some cute little socks to match these socks that I started for myself. I cast on 40 sts and used a basic 2x2 rib and short row heel and a regular decrease toe so that the stripes
would stay in the same order. The yarn is from "Yarntini" in the " Pure Knits" colorway. Chibi pictured for scale

I have also been busy sewing here quilt. This material is so beautiful I love every single square. It's Heather Bailey's "Fresh Cut" material. I bought 2 Jolly packs of squares from here. This is just half the layout I will be posting more pictures of this project as time goes by. Hope that you all enjoy all the pink. Happy Crafting!

Sunday, May 06, 2007


Hi all just dropping by to show one of the latest works in progress. I received my Rockin' Sock Club yarn in "Walking on the Wild Tide" but I decided that I didn't want to knit a pair of socks with this lovely yarn. I decided to cast on a Diamond Fantasy Shawl. So far so good. Started today and I am done with Chart A & B. The pattern is wonderfully written and is one of my favorite shawl patterns, but I'm not sure if the yarn and the pattern belong together what do you think? Here are a couple of pictures.
Well just wanted to show you this and see what people think....Have a great night and happy Knitting.