Sunday, February 24, 2008

Tooth Fairy came to visit

Hi all. I hope that everybody had a great week. We had a very cool event happen this week. My son finally lost his first tooth. He was so excited. That darn tooth was loose for so long, seriously so long. The new tooth was even coming in behind the baby tooth. I thought that it would never come out! The other night we were eating pot roast and it finally came out. When it came out we told him about the tooth fairy and how she would come and give him money and he said, "is she going to give me $1000. Will I have enough to buy a power ranger?" I told him if that was the case then I would be knocking out all my teeth just for the extra money...haha. We put the tooth in a plastic ziplock bag (we are still sleeping on the floor and I didn't want the tooth fairy to have a problem finding it in the middle of the night.) The next morning there was a dollar in the plastic bag and Dre came running in my room saying "Was my tooth a Transformer cause it transformed into a dollar?" I couldn't help but think, sure son whatever you want to believe, it was a transformer. :) It was cute.
How much does the tooth fairy give in your house? Here is a couple pictures.
On the knitting front I am almost done with my Waving Lace socks. I love them. I finished the heel and one repeat on the foot. If I don't finish them today they will be done tomorrow. I will post pictures when they are done. I also ordered some more yarn. Sheri at the Loopy Ewe is having a Dream in Color KAL and is offering a discount on Dream in Color Classy. I ordered 4 skeins of Dream in Color in "Deep Sea Flower". She only had 4 left I hope that it's enough for a "Wicked" Sweater. We'll see. I will post picture of that when it comes. Until then happy knitting and I will blog again soon. Thanks for reading.


Shawna said...

haha! dre is so silly:o) kids say some funny stuff. like this morning, we went to breakfast and matt ordered orange juice...he took a drink and complained that the oj had fuzz (aka pulp) in it! it was so funny, i couldn't stop laughing:o)

Esoteric Knitter said...

Awww he's super cute with the missing tooth. :)

tiennie said...

How awesome! Yay!

The tooth fairy only leaves a dollar in our home - but she makes it a special one - a silver dollar for the first tooth and Susan B's or Sacajawea dollars for the other ones.