Thursday, June 12, 2008

WARNING: Long Post & Lots of Pics!!!

This is going to be a long post with lots and lots of pictures. Basically cause I have been a slacker in the blog department.
I have added alot of goodies to my stash thanks to the purchases of my lovely customers who have been buying lots of Punky Pouches and Circular Needle clutches and keeping me busy at the sewing machine...I can't thank you guys enough. Here are a couple of my latest goodies that I bought the past couple of weeks with my "Candy Money"
Last week was a Yarn Piratey week and thanks to Ravelry I scored some lovely destashed booty :)
Yarn Pirate Merino/Tensil Sock Yarn in "Patina" Colorway.

Yarn Pirate Merino Sock Yarn in "Kalamata" Colorway.

Georgia updated her shop last week and I scored some lovely roving to add to my growing Spinning stash. 5.2 oz of BFL Roving in "Axel" Colorway. It's obvious that I'm already in love with Yarn Pirate Yarn I know that I will love her roving too :) Can't wait to get this on my spindle.

Speaking of Roving I also got this beauty. It's dkKnits SugarSpun Roving 50/50 Merino/tencil in "Water Garden" colorway. This is soooooo incredibly soft I just want to sleep with it on my pillow. Go to her shop now she is having a Spring Cleaning Sale.I also got my June "Wool Dye for Ewe" Sock Club from Becky of dkKnits in my custom colorway "Punky Plum". This is one of the coolest sock clubs that I have ever been in. She custom dyes each customers colorway. Each one is different and will never be dyed again. I love it Becky Thanks!

Speeking of Custom colorways I had a yarn colorway named after little ol' me. I had a great swap with Jessica of Life in Lilt Creations. I swapped her 2 Punky Pouches for 2 skeins of beautiful yarn. Twist sock yarn in "Punky Purls" colorway

Twist sock yarn in "Fiesta" colorway.

This yarn is sooooooooo darn soft. 400 yards of Superwash Merino. so lovely Thank you Jess. I love it. If you want a skein of your very own I think that this will be added to her shop.

In spinning news I finished my very first usable Handspun yarn. 26o yards of Superwash yarn. I got 19wpi so I think that makes it lace to light fingering weight. Any ideas of what to knit with it?

In other crafting news I made Cierra's summer dress. I made a size 2. My baby is getting so big and I wanted her to be able to wear it for a while. It's Huge...oh well she will still be wearing it Next week when we got to California and Georgia for the month. I think it will be able to fit her for a long while what do you think? Haha look at her face. It's like she is saying "Mother Please!"Speaking of vacation... The shop will be closed from Friday 13 June at 9pm pst - 22 July. You can still place order from now until then so I have time to make the bags and send them out to you. I will have internet access while I am gone, so feel free to convo me if you have questions or would like to order Punky Pouches. I can make them when I get back. Well that's about it for now. Thank you all for reading this long drawn out post. Happy Crafting.


tiennie said...

Yarn? What yarn? I'm distracted by that cutie!

Asha said...

Cute dress! I can totally see a family resemblance from your side in Cierra's face. She's getting big! :)

Nell said...

You totally scored on the destashes! Kalamata is probably my favorite YP color of all time.

Cierra is so cute!

Esoteric Knitter said...

sooo Drool worthy... And your wee one is just too cute!!