Sunday, July 27, 2008

I'm back :)

The kids and I got back to Washington on Tuesday. I know I am a slacker I should have wrote a post when I got back but I have not really been in the mood to type. We had such a great time in sunny California. We spent most of our time in the pool at my parents house and by the end of the trip the boys learned how to swim without floaties and they could swim the whole length of the pool. I even taught D'Andre how to do the "dead mans float". See...
We also spent a week in Georgia to visit my in-laws. Travis spent his 10 day vacation there and we met him. We hadn't seen his family in 5 years. My father in-law had never met Kizaiah and they both got to met Cierra for the first time. It was a nice week. Travis and I actually got to spend time alone...with no kids. We haven't had time alone in about 3 years. That is a long ass time! We went to lunch together and all we really talked about was the kids but it was nice to eat without having to cut someones food or having a baby to feed :) We will have to do it more often now we just have to meet people around here that can watch out kiddos.

I took a lot of pictures while we were on vacation, too many to post on the blog but if you want to see them you can hop on over to flickr and check them out. I will be adding them a little bit at a time.
I also celebrated my 29th birthday on Friday. My husband surprised me with a yummy cake that he made, it pays to be married to a military cook :) Check out his handy work.
It was so good too.
My parents and Travis are going to be giving me $ to buy my first spinning you guys have any suggestions? I am going to be going to my LYS to try some out soon, that is if I don't buy one before I get a chance to try any out. I am so impatient!

Well that's all for now. The next post will have some updates on my WIP's and fibery goodness. I will leave you with a picture of me and the kids. I got my dad to snap a shot of me and the kids before we went out with my grandma.
I know Kizaiah looks crazy but it's hard to get all 3 kids looking in the same direction to take a decent picture.
Talk to you all soon. Thanks for checking in on me :)


tiennie said...

Happy birthday! Your hubby is so sweet to make you that delicious looking cake!

bockstark.knits said...

sounds like you had a great vacation! and a wheel! yay!!!

Michelle said...

Happy belated birthday! I must say...a guy who not only remembers your bithday but makes you chocolate cake is a rare gem!!