Saturday, October 14, 2006

Finishing objects

In honor of Socktoberfest I finished my sisters ankle socks. Free pattern here. Really fun and fast to knit. I started them a while ago but though what a perfect month to finish them :)

As for everything else, I don't have much time left. I leave in exactly 30 days and need to have a good chunk of my xmas knitting done so that I can send it on ahead to California. Sadie's pinwheel sweater...well lets just say 2 steps forward and 1 huge step back!!! I ripped the I-cord edge back and started it over again. I was half way there when I decided I didn't like it. It was way to tight. It was warping the whole sweater. Instead of 6 sts to the I-cord I knit 12 and so far so good. Its looking more like a loopy edge then a twisted, tight one.
I have been making good progress on my Kiri shawl I will update pictures of that project next post. I am so addicted to knitting lace shawls now that I started another Kiri in white and am planning on starting a shawl with some sock yarn that I just purchased. I couldn't find anymore free designs that really appealed to me so I am taking a leap and charting my one lace shawl similar to the triangles within triangles shawl. I am trying not to spend anymore money till my trip to the States in November. Wish me luck. Ha Ha.
I also wanted to knit my mom a pair of ankle socks or boot socks I haven't decided yet. We'll see that might be my project on the plane. Seeing as it will take me almost 22 hours in travel time and lay overs. But who knows by then I might have started something completely different.
As for Sadie's blanket....I am have trouble with the binding. It is in the naughty pile for the time being. It needs to come out of time out soon, like I said I don't have much time.

I also have been waiting for some material that I ordered from eBay so that I can make my Sisters,Moms,grandma's and Aunts aprons and matching hot pads hopefully that comes soon. Tick tick tick the count down begins. Well since I have so much to finish I guess I'd better get a move on it. Have a great weekend and Happy Socktober!!

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