Wednesday, November 08, 2006

5 Days, 4 FO and a day at the Pool

I started my weekend with a new project. On Friday I realized that I was going to be away from my "hairy children" while it was snowy in Germany. I thought "I Can't leave my babies here to freeze" so I knit Gizmo a sweater. Started and finished in one day. My own design using some yarn from my stash. The blue is Caron Yarn and the Black is Red Heart Yarn. This yarn was purchased as practicing yarn only 11 Months ago, that is when I first picked up needles and taught myself through books and wonderful World Wide Web. Here is a picture of him.

Now I need to make one for Rockie...It's a good thing I have small dogs I only have 5 more days til I am in California. Also on Friday at 11pm I decided that I needed a knitting tote for the plane ride. I knew that I didn't have any spare wool on hand nor did I really have the luxury of time so....I went to my closet and discovered that I have 3 wool sweaters that I can no longer wear...wash and dry wool...Oops. I know its a sin but that happened before my knitting days. I picked up one that was my least favorite of the three and cut and pinned and sewed and this is what I came up with 2 hours later.

I want to make the other 2 tonight so that I can decide which one to use on the plane. I will find material for it when I get home for the lining. So I guess you could say they it's not a completely done projects but it is usable.

On Saturday I knit a little here and there but no FO to count on that day.

On Sunday I finished a scarf for my friends daughter. My friends mom is a knitter but has problems with her wrists...I feel her pain...and she brought me a bag she found in her basement with some pink "homespun type" yarn. I don't know what the content of the yarn is but it knit up really well and fast. Here is a picture of the scarf. My own design a simple one alternating Knit and Purl rows.

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