Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A Perfect Pair....Almost

Hi all just some (a lot) of pictures of my finished Vesper Socks in Wild Berry. They are almost perfect. Only one row off at the top but the stripes match up pretty well. Let me know what you think. Now time to cast on for some baby size socks for Cierra....matching Mom and Daughter socks how cheesy am I? Ha ha. When those are done I will be sure to post plenty of pictures.

My 6 year Wedding Anniversary is coming up soon and I was lucky enough to score 3....count them 3 hanks of Vesper sock yarn...Strange Little Mama, Astro, & Muddy Waters. How lucky am I? I should receive them in a few days will keep you all updated on those when they come in.

Hope that everybody had a lovely Easter and Happy Knitting.

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