Saturday, November 03, 2007

The COOLEST THING!! (Caution lots of pictures!!)

Hi all- The COOLEST THING happened to me the other day!!! I go to school everyday to pick up D'Andre and everyday I notice this lady with her two little boys. They are always wearing these beautiful hand knit hats. On Wednesday of last week this lady wore a beautiful Entrelac scarf. I saw her scarf and thought to myself "She must be a knitter"Then I looked at her a little more closely and she looked really familiar to me but I couldn't place where I had known her from. On Thursday she was wearing a "my so called scarf" and her boys were both wearing beautiful hats. I decided to get up the nerve and ask her were she got the yarn that the boys hats were made of and she said that she spun it herself. Then she asked me "Are you..." and I finished her sentence and Said "Punky Purls on Ravelry?" She said "Yeah, I thought that might be you but I wasn't sure."

What a small world. I love Ravelry and Blogland. You meet so many cool people online with the same interests as you. As most of you know I live in Germany on a military Post I never in a million years would have thought that I would run into someone I chat with on the Internet who lives on the same post right around the corner from me and our kids go to the same school. How crazy and cool is that? Come to find out She has an Etsy shop. And has the most beautiful hand dyed and Hand spun yarn for sale. Go and check it out. Here's her Blog too.

I told my husband about what had happened and that she had a shop and he said "that's cool at least you will save money on shipping!" To funny.

In other news, the kids, Travis and I had a great Halloween. The boys both dressed up as Power Rangers and Cierra was a Giraffe. Here are some pictures.

I also got may Yarn Pirate Booty Club Yarn in the mail on Halloween. What a great treat!! I started knitting it up yesterday. Here are some pictures.

Colorway: Killer Bees
Pattern: Drunken Bees
My Name for this Project: Killer Drunken Bees. (To frog or not to frog? that is the question)

I also sent out my Knitter's coffee swap partner all her coffee and goodies yesterday. Hopefully she will enjoy all her stuff. It's all things German. with the exception of one of the yarns and one of the coffee's. Kim, it's on it's way.

Also I wanted to Thank you all for the messages on the Post about my Husband being home. I have been slacking on the email front but I wanted to let you know that we both appreciate your comments and Well wishes.
Happy Knitting Everybody! Off to go enjoy a nice cup of Chocolate Truffle Coffee.


peaknits said...

The costumes are awesome!! Ravelry is cool like that - amazing that she recognized you!

Esoteric Knitter said...

That is so awesome to find someone just right around the corner.
I love your power ranger kids. Super cute! And your lil' baby girl is just too sweet. :)

tiennie said...

What cute kiddos! How fun to get recognized!

Heather said...

Yes the "Heather" is you. I need your email address and Snail Mail so I can send you your goodies!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I've been keeping up with your blog through google reader. That's so cool that Travis is home! I have been trying to get into knitting more. I recently learned the english method and found it's much easier. So far I still haven't branched out from scarves yet though :p. Are you coming to the states for the holidays this year? Anyway, just wanted to say hi! <3 Asha