Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Damn it's been a long time

Wow I can't believe what a slacker I have been. There hasn't been much news to report around here. I hope that everybody had a Wonderful Thanksgiving and at as much turkey as their pants would let them :) My family and I had a great Thanksgiving. We went to my friends house, they made the turkey and my husband made the Ham. We made homemade mac n cheese it was so good I will be posting the recipe soon. I made 2 apple pies, one with a crust on the top and one with crumble topping. Here are a few pictures. The camera is not playing tricks on you that is a GIGANTIC turkey a whopping 22lbs. Funny story about the turkey cooking....It set of the fire alarms. It was making so much juice and the pan that it was in wasn't deep enough and the juice was dripping on the burner in the oven...Talk about a lot of stinky smoke. The turkey was delicious though!
In knitting and yarn news...I received a couple of wonderful packages last week. One from the Loopy Ewe. I love that store. This was the first time that I've ordered from them but definitely not the last. They have super fast shipping and great customer survive. If you haven't checked out their page yet you should!!! I love the new wish list feature on their page.
Dream in Color Worsted weight yarn in "Cocoa Kiss" this will be for my Koolhaas hat. ShiBui Knits sock yarn in "Peacock" I can't wait to cast on socks with this lovely yarn. In the package she sent the coolest little cards to keep track of all my needles. Lord knows I could use these to organize my needle stash before I buy more.
I also received my Rockin Sock club yarn. Love this Lenore colorway. It couldn't have come at a more perfect time. My mom requested a scarf and gloves for Christmas. So I cast on for the Montego Bay scarf from Interweave Knits Summer 2007 on Wednesday of last week and I am about 50 inches in. Only about 10 more inches or so to go. She wanted a scarf that she could wear while she golfed. I am glad that I am almost done with this scarf. It's an easy mindless knit but it's starting to get old ya know me I don't like one project monogamy :) But I have a deadline. Gotta get it done!
Started decorating for Christmas. I got the tree up today while the boys were at school. I haven't decorated our tree in 6 count them 6 years. I had forgotten how small our tree was. This will be the first Christmas in 5 years that I wont be going home for the holidays. I miss you mom and dad. We decided that we were going to stay in Germany this year because we will be moving to Washington in a couple of months and we can see our family once we get back to the good Ol' US of A I can't wait!Well I know I was a slacker the past couple of weeks, I will be posting again as soon as I finish my moms scarf and cast on for here gloves (hopefully before Christmas comes!!). Happy Knitting all sorry again, and thanks for reading.
Oh yeah I forgot one more thing...back in October I won a Halloween contest on Sock-a-holic's blog. She sent me the most wonderful goodies and yarn. I just received it last Monday when I got all my other goodies. It was sitting in my CMR since October 22nd. I check my mail almost everyday and they told me that I didn't have any packages. Guess they need to look harder next time. Oh well better late then never right?! She send me some of her fantastic LoveSticks self stripping yarn, a cute little key chain a duck dressed like a mummy for Halloween, and some beautiful post cards with pictures of her yarn. Check out her shop here. Talk to you all later


Shawna said...

did you get what i sent you?? call me woman!;o)

peaknits said...

What a great collection of goodies - from a yummy turkey to sock yarn. The scarf is gorgeous - I agree, monotony of the same can drive you to drink - almost there!:)

tiennie said...

Yummy pics from the turkey to the knits to the yarn to the tree!

Kim said...

Hey there! Sorry I've been so quiet so long. Lots been going on here. Yes, you package has arrived here but I have yet to have a moment to open it. I think I am going to put it under our tree just so that I can open it and savor the moment.

Has your package arrived there? Please let me know if not and I'll get another one together right away.

I have a sneaky feeling that it might be missing as you have been wonderful at emailing me or leaving me messages on my blog. Unlike me. I feel like such a heel.

You have been wonderful to me!