Monday, December 31, 2007

part 2

Hi all I'm back into the swing of things. Thank you all for your well wishes! I feel much better. I am making sure that I take all my antibiotics(if I forget then I get a little scolding from my husband) As for the rest of the story, Well Moving day went alright. The only problem was the language barrier. The movers were of course German. We pointed out what to pack and what not to pack and long story short the guy who was packing the kitchen didn't quit understand. He ended up packing ALL the food in the cupboard. All Cierra's baby food, and the dog food. Remember we are still here for a month. And because I wasn't up to par on moving day I couldn't be there to supervise. I was in one of the rooms with Cierra curled in a ball because I was so cold. All is well though. We went to the commissary the next day I was just irritated that I had to buy formula again. That stuff is not cheap!!

We are sitting on the floor right now. Leave it to my husband to forget to schedule the government furniture. Oh well we will have some on Thursday. Thank goodness we have friends who own blowup mattress's and mats so that we don't have to lay on the hardwood floor for a week.

Here are the pictures that I promised.

"Wollmeise""Deepest Purple"


and last but not least Yarn Pirate Booty Club December shipment "Icicle"

I am in love with my new stash enhancements! To bad I can't wind them up anytime soon, the movers took my ball winder too. Damn it!

edit: I tried to post this entry days ago but blogger wouldn't let me download my pictures. Since this post we have received government furniture and I hope that it's more comfortable then it looks :) Happy New Year everybody may your new year be filled with love and all things Knitty! I probably wont be posting again until we get to Washington and set up house. I will be reading all your blogs though! Take care and talk to you all again in about a month.


peaknits said...

You cannot possibly go wrong with Wollmeise - all lovely! I hope your transition goes as smoothly as possible - good luck!

tiennie said...

Hope you feel better soon and I hope all goes well with your move!

Deborah said...

ooooh those yarnies look delish!

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