Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Finally a Monkey off my back!

I know I know I did it again. I am such a looser!!! Well not much going on here really. I finally finished my moms Christmas gift. She wanted a scarf and gloves so I had to oblige:) Here is the Montego Bay scarf and Picot Edge gloves. I hope that she like them. I didn't add the fringe to the scarf I didn't think that it would be practical for golfing. That's when she plans on wearing it. I knit the Scarf to 5 feet and when it was blocked it was well over 7 feet. I love the way that it looked after it was blocked. The gloves were based on the Picot edge glove pattern. It's free check it out here.

I am so glad that I got these done. I was supposed to finish them last week before Tuesday to get it to my mom by Christmas...Well that didn't happen. I sent them out this Wednesday, maybe she will get them by New Years :) The patterns were very easy. They came out with great results but the only problem was on my behalf. If you haven't noticed already I hate project monogamy!!! Hate hate hate it. I know that a lot more gets done that way but I get bored. Like my friend Sandrine says, You just knit to knit. Not really to have a FO in a couple days time. Oh well none the less I hope that she loves them and now I can get back to knitting whatever I want whenever I want :)Project Specs: Rockin Sock Club colorway in Lenore.

Speaking of knitting whatever I want whenever I want, I got my Christmas present from my sister about a week ago. (This was another reason why I kept getting distracted with my moms gift) Shawna said that I could open it as soon as it came. She sent me some ShiBui Knits yarn in "Mulberry" colorway. I have started knitting with it as soon as I finished the before mentioned FO and I am designing my own pattern with it. I will show pictures of that soon. Of course it is a sock. Maybe my sister will be a test knitter for me and I can give the pattern to you all for Christmas/New Years :) We'll see.

As for the family we are all doing well. Trying to get used to everybody. It's kind of weird to have Travis back. Don't get me wrong I'd rather him be here safe at home then downrange in harms way. There is just an adjustment time. Last weekend we went on a little family get away to Edelweiss Lodge and Resort. I don't have many pictures but I did get a couple of the view from our room. It's a nice military Hotel nestled in the Bavarian Alps. We have been there quit a few times in the past 4 years and love it every time that we go. This might be the last time that I post for a little while. After Christmas sometime. They come and pick up our household goods next week. 2 days after Christmas we will be furniture-less. Then it's on the the Good ol' United States at the end of January. We will be PCSing to Washington. Can't wait to be back in the States and find a real LYS. Now my LYS is the internet. Maybe I can join a Knit night or something. Happy Holidays to Everyone. Merry Christmas and Happy Knitting. Sorry once again for the delay in posting!!!


Michelle said...

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas! Have a safe voyage back to the States!

Shawna said...

hey sis! it's about darn time you post something;o) i think sandrine is right about you and knitting just to knit! if you stuck to one project at a time, you'd have tons of FOs! that stinks about not having furniture, but atleast you'll be in the states soon! i hope everything goes as smoothly as possible:o)

Diana @ Photodee said...

Have an awesome holiday! I am sure your Mom will just be happy to receive her raven-y gloves and scarf! My LYS is totally the internet too, and I do live in the states! One store usually just doesnt carry everything, you know!

Anonymous said...

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