Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Two down One to go :)


Well Tums is done. This is Cierra's Easter Hippo. Super fast knit, Super Fun to knit, Super Pattern and SUPER CUTE Don't you think?I added little details to his butt, a little heart and on the bottom CPG for Cierra's initials. Love it to cute. I got this done in One day I love fast knits!Gizmo and Rockie love Him too.When I finished Tums I cast on for Pepto. This one took me a little longer about 4 days but I think it's cause I got a little distracted with new yarn. I made my first trade with Yarnbeans. I traded Vesper sock yarn(I have a skein of LoveSticks in a similar color) for some Posh yarn Lucia in "Pantomime" love this yarn can't wait to find the right pattern for this colorway.Here is Pepto. Another fun, fast and cute knit. I knit this for D'Andre. He wanted a Pink Elephant so how could I resist this cute guy. D'Andre can't wait til Easter He wants him now. I embroidered a star on his butt and DCG on the bottom for Dre's initials. Here they are together.
Two kids down one to go, now to cast on for Kizaiahs Blue Bunny. Too bad mochimochiland doesn't have a bunny pattern. I love her toy designs
Thanks for reading and Happy knitting.


Shawna said...

aw...i hope the kids love them as much as the dogs do:o)

Nell said...

OMG- the hipppo and elephant could not be cuter!!! I love them!

Esoteric Knitter said...

Aww what a cute hippo! And hey we so have similar taste. I used the Posh Pantomime for my Firestarter socks. :)

tiennie said...

What cuties!

Kate said...

These are adorable!!