Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Moving, Spring Cleaning, Stressing and a Guessing Game

Well we moved again! Hopefully this will be the last time that we have to move for a while. I haven't blogged in awhile because I had to move, clean, and unpack (I'm still unpacking), & take a child to the ER. Needless to say it has been a busy, stressful and crazy couple of weeks. Travis is in the field and should be home tomorrow, thank goodness! I have taken care of the kids by myself before and have been through alot of stuff while Travis is gone but for some reason these past weeks have been really stressful! Anyway enough about that things are on the upswing and I can't wait for Travis to come home tomorrow.

As I was unpacking the many boxes in my house, I notice that I have ALOT of yarn. So I think it's time for my first destash. Let me know if you are interested I have posted these on Ravelry and I will be adding more soon. All yarn comes from a smoke-free home. I do have 2 small dogs but they don't go anywhere near my stash.

Both of these are Regia Sock yarn. I have started to knit socks with them and have frogged. I am more of an indie yarn kind of girl. They have both been wound into Center Pull balls. I will sell them together for $10 plus shipping.Duet Sock yarn in DK weight. Colorway is "Aubergine Meadows" I love this colorway but I don't think that I will ever knit it up I will sell for $25 plus shipping or Trade for another some Skinny Duet Sock yarn.Blue Moon Fiber Arts Silkie Sock yarn in "Walking on the Wild Tide" I got this in last years Rockin Sock Club. I started to knit a Diamond Fantasy Shawl but it has since been Frogged and wound into a center pull ball. Will sell for $19 plus shipping***Pending***Here is another sock yarn that I got during last years Rockin Sock Club in "Firebird". I started to knit pomotomus' with it but never finished the first sock so I frogged and wound into a center pull cake. I will sell this for $18 plus shipping.And last but not least Sundara Sock yarn in "Graphite". I bought this a couple of months ago. I have tried a couple of sock patterns with this yarn but can't find anything that makes me want to finish. I will sell this for $20 plus shipping or I will trade for another Sundara Sock yarn or Yarntini Sock Yarn.***Pending***

In case you didn't notice there is actually no knitting content, maybe the next post. Oh yeah and I will have some big new in the next post too. No I'm not Pregnant but let's see if you can guess what my big news is. If you guess right I will send you some sock yarn (none of the ones listed above) and other goodies. No hints yet but maybe if none of you get even close I will put a hint up on Friday. Enter as many times as you want. Good luck. Contest ends Sunday May 3rd ***Special Note**** Shane you know the secret so you can't enter ;) besides I am already sending you some lovely yarn.


Shawna said...

what secret;o) you're already giving me great stuff, sis!

tiennie said...

Hope life is settling down for you and that everything is OK after the trip to the ER!