Monday, March 26, 2007

One Down...One to go.

Well I did it and with very little trouble. Alot of people on the Rockin' Sock Club have said that they had issues with knitting these socks. Well for me so far so good....but they were right about one thing, the leg of the sock is rather tight. While i was knitting it i could get it on and off my leg fairly easy but now that it is off the needles its kind of hard to get it over my heel. Here is the pictures of the first sock done. Enjoy...
I have also been knitting another pair of socks. Just a boring 3x1 rib. I plan on making matching socks for the baby...but for now I am just loving the stripy goodness. I am using Yarntini yarn and the colorway is "Pure Knits" I love the Neapolitan colors it's making me crave ice cream. :) Gotta go and serve myself up a bowl. Happy knitting to all.

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V said...

Hi, I came over here from babybumpers to see your matching Mommy socks. :) I LOVE these colors - I missed snagging a skein myself from Pure Knits, but maybe next time.

Great job - they look delicious (as do the wee ones - too cute!) ~Vanessa