Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I won I won!!!

Just a quick note to say thanks to yarntini....I won some beautiful yarn for guessing her Halloween costume. Thank you soooooo much. I am so looking forward to using that yarn. I already have a project in mind. I will keep everybody updated. As for Socktoberfest, well lets just say not so good. I finished a total of 0 count them 0 socks...haha but I did cast on two different types. Here is my progress. Hedera from Knitty using Regia Sock Yarn in "Splendid Color" Light blue and tan. And Alison's ankle socks using Bernat Sox Yarn in "Hot Tamale"
I will finish these. I need to they are going to be x-mas presents. They will be a good in-flight project. I leave for California in exactly 14 days and I can't wait!!! Can't talk anymore gotta get the boys ready to trick or treat.
Happy Halloween and Thanks again Yarntini!!!

Update....Had so much fun with the kids tonight here is apicture of them in their costumes. Hope that everyone and a fun and safe night~

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